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We Care About The Environment

We Save Water

As part of the nationwide "Green" movement, the International Carwash Association (ICA) developed a new program called WaterSavers to recognize those car wash operators committed to providing an eco-friendly wash. To qualify, car wash operators must reclaim or recycle its treated water for future wash cycles and discharge effluent to a sanitary sewer or leech field for treatment. According to the ICA website (, Soak-N-Suds Car Wash in Piqua is one of three recognized participant locations in Ohio.

We take pride in our quality, our equipment and our location. Our neighbor to the east is a protected wetland, and we confidently tell our customers it is environmentally safer for them to wash their vehicles at our wash, only 30ft from this protected area, than it is anywhere in Piqua. We use all 100% eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals and use less water than the average individual washing at home.

We often hear people say "I'm a driveway washer" or "the rain washes my car." Environmentally speaking these are much more hazardous methods of cleaning. At Soak-N-Suds Car Wash we capture the dirty waste water containing trace elements of motor oil, antifreeze, and gasoline picked up by your car. At home, this waste water runs down your driveway and into storm drains, which empty into local rivers and creeks. This runoff coats the gills of fish ultimately suffocating them!

We use less water than your typical "Driveway Washer." We average a little over 30 gallons of water per car. At home, with a regular garden hose, you'll use that amount of water in about four minutes. We are proud to be members of the WaterSavers Program proudly displaying the logo at our Car Wash.